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Remote connections


We can set up your office or home computers to be accessible by any desktop or laptop PC, desktop or portable Mac, Android pad, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone with an Internet connection.


This service is available to all clients with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of support.


This allows you immediate access to vital information whenever you need it.


This service is provides remotely online and requires configuring your router/firewall and the host PCs, as well as increasing the security levels on these devices and the fees for adding this feature are:


Router/firewall at first location and first host PC - 120

Additional host PCs at first location - 50 eacn

Router/firewall at additional location and first host PC - 90 each

Additional host PCs at first location - 50 eacn


For support fees go to support.html and select your level of support.


All prices exclude VAT


New for 2018 our Five Point Protection Plan to protect your PCs and laptops click for details






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