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Updated 10 September 2021

We have been providing IT and network support in Surrey and London for 24 years. We do have support clients (past and present) as far apart as the Lake District, Cornwall, Norwich, Ireland as well as several English speaking companies based in mainland Europe.

With one of our support packages, Platinum IT support, we have a target onsite time of 4 hours 24/7, so this service, along with Gold IT support, next business day onsite, is only available to businesses in Surrey, London and those within the M25.

Outside of these areas, we have Silver IT support which provides telephone, video conferencing and online support. The only drawback to International clients is this type of support is only available, Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm UK time. .

We would say that during the past twelve months, most of which has been in lockdown, we have not had to visit any clients at all. Some issues that would have warranted an onsite have been dealt with by phone, Zoom, Whatsapp and online. The hairiest moment was when a client lost their Internet service and it took us 45 minutes to trace the problem and get them back online.

Working from home

It was always obvious the most talented staff would demand more freedom to enable them to work from home several days a week. In years to come, people will wonder why staff worked 35 hours a week in an office and why anyone would spend hours travelling to meet clients.

Nearly all of the companies we provide IT support for have been following government recommendations and continue to work from home where possible. Many believe they will never return to how they were at the beginning of 2020, when coronavirus just got the occasional mention on the News at Ten, and was only a problem in a region of China we’d never heard of. Newscasters were more focused on the bush fires engulfing Australia.

These companies are no less productive than when they had a full compliment of office staff and are currently reviewing how best to approach 2021. Covid-19 has accelerated the natural progression of business, as owners realised staff were fully capable of being able to work productively away from the office environment.

Working from home has given employees huge savings in terms of fares, petrol, parking, lunches, after office drinks, and companies are saving on travel, especially club class air fares and hotel costs where a Zoom meeting is perfectly acceptable and saves time. OK, face to face meetings are preferable, but a lot of this is to do with signal breakdowns and current remote/video technology, which will be barely recognisable in a couple of years time.

Reflecting our findings, a survey of nearly a thousand company directors by the Institute of Directors has found that 74% intend to continue with increased home-working even when the current pandemic is a distant memory. 

More than half said their organisation intended to reduce their long-term use of workplaces. And more than 40% of the bosses quizzed for the survey, conducted between 11 and 30 September, “said that working from home was proving more effective than their previous set-up.”

At ABC Computer Solutions, we have now offer IT Support in Surrey and every corner of London for those working from home as well as the office.

The end of the office?

Has the office gone forever? No, but it will certainly have to adapt to survive and the typical London office of 2021 will be different to the one that opened 2020.

One thing for workers with a penchant for home working to consider and few are mentioning. If companies are re-evaluating the way they work because of successful remote working staff, how many are also reconsidering replacing well paid remote working UK staff with staff doing exactly the same job in Mumbai and Manilla? This could lead to huge savings for businesses, but also to huge redundancies.


ABC Computer Solutions have added full IT support for home users for all our business support clients.


Today, more so than ever before, cyber security is every network administrator’s primary concern. Many believe only major institutions are targets, however professionals know the main targets are the easier least protected ones. We offer a solution for all SMBs with several protection packages from malware detection to enterprise level protection.


Whether it’s an overwritten file you need to recover urgently or a full server down, disaster recovery operation, we are here to help you quickly. In the event of a serious problem we will be with you at your premises within a few hours to ensure you business is down for the minimum amount of time. We also implement multiple regular backup to ensure files are never lost.


We offer three levels of IT support for all setups for 1 to 200 PCs – Silver, Gold or Platinum. Silver offers telephone, remote and email support, Gold adds next business day onsite. Our premium service, Platinum, ups the ante to 24/7 onsite and three hours response . Remote access to home on your office computer for home is free with all three of our packages.

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