IT and Network Support

Our IT support in Surrey and London

We offer three levels of IT support covering Surrey and London – Silver, Gold and Platinum to suit every requirement and every budget. Although we say IT support jn London and Surrey, this only applies to Gold and Platinum support levels which are both onsite services. With Silver support, we offers telephone, online, email, Zoom and Whatsapp support. This is available to any business in any part of the UK, indeed any part of the World so long as the staff are English speaking and they are using an English language version of Windows. International clients need to bear in mind that this service is available Monday to Saturdays, 8am to 6pm UK time, and we are closed on UK bank holidays.

Every one of our packages provides the real essentials that every business needs – a fast resolution to 99% of problems by telephone, a regular backup system to counter overwritten and deleted files, a disaster recovery plan in place for when things go horribly wrong, a full review to ensure your systems are fully protected, and remote connection to allow staff to work from home and those in charge to keep an eye on things.

With every level of IT support, we discuss a plan with you on how to deal with every eventuality. No business can operate properly without access to its data so we look to have your business up and running as quickly as possible.

With Silver support we implement a dual back system, normally one onsite and one offsite, carried out nightly seven days a week and checked every days by ourselves. Support is available by telephone, online, email, Whatsapp and Zoom to resolve any computer, server or network issues you may be having. We carry out a full review on your security systems to ensure there are no holes in your antivirus and antimalware protection and check your firewalls are set up correctly. Since the coronavirus lockdown free remote connection is part of Silver support. Unlike Gold and Platinum support, Silver support is not limited to Surrey and London.

Gold support includes all the features included in Silver support, but adds next business day support. IT and Network support in Surrey and London is available from Monday to Saturday between 8am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays. We also add hourly backups for key files 24/7, A full disaster recovery plan is implemented and we will be with you as quickly as possible to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Our ultimate service IT and Network support in Surrey and London is Platinum support. This offers 24/7 support 365 days a year with a four hour onsite response time, an upgraded disaster support package and upgraded security level with full cyber security monitoring.


Fast response and resolution to every issue

Free remote connection to allow staff to work from home

Remote connections allows owners and managers to monitor things when they are way

A disaster recovery plan to fully protect your data

Dual/triple backups are always implemented and run hourly to daily

Placing an order for IT support

We will email you an invoice and if you are happy to proceed click the BUY NOW button, type the invoice number in the DESCRIPTION box, enter the invoice total in the PRICE PER ITEM box and leave the quantity as 1. Click CONTINUE and either:

  1. Login into Paypal to pay by that method or….
  2. Click pay by Credit or Debit Card and pay that way

our it support Plans


from £10 pm per PC

8am to 6pm Monday – Saturday

phone/remote/Zoom support

Full security review on systems

Dual layer daily back ups

Basic Recovery planning

Free remote connections

Available worldwide

Best value


from £12 pm per PC

Includes all Silver features +

Next Business Day onsite

Extended phone support

Hourly backups during day

Disaster Recovery Plus plan

Daily network monitoring

London and Surrey only


from £18 pm per PC

Includes all Gold features +

Four hourd onsite response

24/7 support 365 days

All cases given priority

Ultimate Recovery Plan

Increased security level

London and Surrey only

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