Disaster Recovery

24/7 Disaster Recovery in Surrey and London

Last updated 3 January 2024

Although the Cloud has taken away the worry of failed servers, what happens when you come into the office and you’ve no Internet. BT confirm there is ongoing problem but they can’t give you a time when it will be back to normal. Not a problem if you’re one of our clients, where an inhouse backup will have been taken overnight and you simply log into that, while BT get their act together.

Alternatively, you may come in to find your office has been broken in to, and anything of value that wasn’t nailed down, has been taken. Even worse, a fire has destroyed all your equipment and for the time being, you have no premises, let alone any computers. How does a business prepare for this?

Every business needs a proper disaster recovery plan in place to protect it’s greatest assets – it’s data and ability to function. When we take on a new client we discuss what we would need to do if things go wrong. Nobody would take a week’s driving holiday in Europe when they knew their car insurance hadn’t been renewed.

Many of our clients are committed to FCA regulations to ensure they have a Disaster Recovery plan in place. This ensures business continuity at a time of crisis. We always fully discuss a plan of action most suitable to all our clients to ensure their business can be up and running as quickly as possible.


Recovery plans on all size of networks, however small, however big

Dual backups available (onsite and offsite) for total peace of mind

Multiple, multi-layer backups available to ensure files are never lost

Fast response, when you need us most

Help and advice in organising temporary office space

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