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Five Point Protection Plan


With cyber attacks in the news nearly every week corrupting countless computers it is essential for everyone to ensure they are fully protected against the dangers of losing your data and personal files, and the use of your computers.


If you are using a PC or Windows laptop and you are connected to the Internet you should be running Windows 7, 8, 8,1 or 10. Windows XP is a complete no no!

Ensure the PCs automatically update with the latest Windows updates and use tricky passwords that contain numbers and symbols as well as letters.

Remove older susceptible software such as Java and Flash, and while the Cloud is fine for photos of friends and family, never keep sensitive data on it.

You should ensure that none of your devices connect to an open wifi network (not keyword protected).


Those are the fundamental safeguards. We go much further in our Five Point Protection Plan for protecting your desktops and laptops with a cut down version of our full Ten Point Multi-Server Cyber Protection Plan for defending larger networks.


The plan includes running the five tests remotely or onsite every six months. The tests are as follows:


1.     Review and tighten router (firewall) security to help prevent hackers gaining control of your computers through Pharming attacks.

2.     Review and tighten security settings on all PCs.

3.     Check and repair registry settings.

4.     Review and check antivirus soiftware definitions are fully up to date and that the antivirus software is adequate for your network.

5.     Run an anti-malware scan to fully examine the desktop or laptop of any traces of infection that may have been there for some time.

The fees below include an online scan every six months for the duration taken.


One PC - 59 for 6 mths, 89 for 12 mths, 119 for 24 mths, 149 for 36 mths

Two PCs - 89 for 6 mths, 129 for 12 mths, 169 for 24 mths, 209 for 36 mths

Three PCs - 119 for 6 mths, 169 for 12 mths, 219 for 24 mths, 269 for 36 mths

Four PCs - 149 for 6 mths, 209 for 12 mths, 269 for 24 mths, 329 for 36 mths

Five PCs - 179 for 6 mths, 249 for 12 mths, 319 for 24 mths, 389 for 36 mths

Additional PCs 30 for 6 mths, 40 for 12 mths, 50 for 24 mths, 60 for 36 mths








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