Living through a pandemic

Coronavirus in 2021

Updated on 10 September 2021

While the UK has hardly been out of the Top 3 countries for covid cases during the last three weeks, deaths have remained relatively low averaging 132 a day. However, three months ago, before the Delta strain, they were down to six. They are currently increasing by 20% a week.

While being fully vaccinated only halves your chance of catching the Delta variant according to Forbes, one thing has to be said for it, even if you are a mad as a frog antivaxer. If you caught covid at the beginning of January you had a one in 47 chance of survival. The vaccination programme has seen this figure improve to 232 now. While UK cases and deaths have seen small increases, the USA has seen an increase in cases from a daily average of 12,000 to 167,500 in under ten weeks and an increase in deaths from 208 a day to 1,698 in two months.

In Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries, covid cases for the 8th and 9th June were 0. Less than 3 months later the average was more than 10,000 cases every day.

Despite the recent spike, in the last month cases have fallen overall in the UK by a third and we hope 2021 should be a year of recovery for business and the economy, and people’s health and welfare,

The benefits of the vaccines will hopefully lead to a massive return to work, but don’t hold your breath. The banking and finance sector companies said they were offering choice and flexibility to those who wanted to return. Facebook has said it does not plan a return of employees until July 2021.

Every “expert” is stating the blinking obvious in saying Covid has simply accelerated the inevitable with people working from home, either totally or 60 to 80% of the week; the death of the high street (it won’t die, but it will need to reinvent itself and evolve), and the speeding up of both Chinese and Indian economies overtaking the USA.

A survey of 8,000 adults from eight countries found that UK and US workers showed the highest level of apathy towards going back to the office. 

At ABC Computer Solutions, we are already offering clients support for staff working at home as well as in the office.

Many companies see this as a major restructuring opportunity to turn their backs on the huge costs associated with running an office in the financial centre of Europe, and are looking at turning around the ways their businesses operate.

There will always be organisations that need hundreds of thousands of square feet in London and in all major cities, but many more that can operate more profitably with a much smaller presence.


Today, more so than ever before, cyber security is every network administrator’s primary concern. Many believe only major institutions are targets, however professionals know the main targets are the easier least protected ones. We offer a solution for all SMBs with several protection packages from malware detection to enterprise level protection.


Whether it’s an overwritten file you need to recover urgently or a full server down, disaster recovery operation, we are here to help you quickly. In the event of a serious problem we will be with you at your premises within a few hours to ensure you business is down for the minimum amount of time. We also implement multiple regular backup to ensure files are never lost.


We offer four levels of IT support for all setups for 1 to 200 PCs – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Bronze offers remote and email support, Silver adds telephone support and Gold adds next business day onsite. Our premium service, Platinum, ups the ante to 3 hours response time and includes one of the most comprehensive disaster recovery packages available today.

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