Living through a pandemic

Coronavirus in 2021

Updated on 19 July 2021

It’s Freedom Day today. Whoopee!! For the last two days the UK recorded more cases of covid than anywhere else in the World. Ok, everyone takes the figures coming out of Russia and India with a pinch of salt, and we do test for it a lot more than most (UK 3.4 tests per person, Germany 0.8), but is it really a time to be reopening eveything? Scotland, the 26th most populated country in Europe currently has the highest covid infection rate within the continent. Six out of Europe’s top ten worst hit health authorities are in Scotland.

This side of the border, we have to question the wisdom in the wearing of face masks in public areas becoming a matter of personal choice rather than a requirement.

With Israel loosening covid restrictions in June resulting in a huge growth in cases – 8th June 0 cases, 5 weeks later on 13th July 1,198 cases, they carried out a further assessment of the Pfizer vaccines and found its efficacy had plummeted from 94% to 64% faced with the Delta vaccine, However, the vaccines cut down hospitalisation by up to 96%.

At least 65% of UK adults have had their second dose of Astrazeneca or Pfizer for two or more weeks to allow the vaccine to take effect and if this gives a realworld protection level of say 80% against contracting it, this is cutting cases in half. More importantly, since the introduction of the vaccine, deaths have fallen from 1 in 30 cases on 9th January 2021 to 1 in 430 cases yesterday, a fall of 93%. This is based on average weekly cases divided by average weekly deaths three weeks later (the average period between diagnosis and death is 18.5 days).

Without the vaccine we could have seen more than 110,000 cases on Friday and nearly 1,200 deaths. If we had red listed India immediately we knew the size of their problems, we could be seeing less than 7 deaths a week in the UK by now. It is only 8 weeks ago when covid deaths were averaging less than 6 a day.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak were told to isolate after Sajid Javid came down with covid. They initially refused, putting themselves on a hastily prepared scheme to avoid this. Two hours later they surrendered to public pressure and agreed to isolate. A stronger opposition would have made political capital out of this, but fortunately for Boris the opposition is the labour party led by Keir Starmer.

At the time the UK government decided to move the June date on by 5 weeks, average covid cases and  deaths were averaging about 5,000 and 8 a day. The average is now 45,000 and 40.

Good to see the government keeping to its promise of action will be “data driven rather than date driven.”


The UK chose a professional to rollout their vaccine program, while the EU opted for an incompetent. They defend their slow progress by criticising the UK rollout as too rushed and taking too many risks with the vaccines, advocating the EU method. Many thousands of EU citizens who have lost close ones unnecessarily because of this lack of progress may well disagree.

We hope 2021 should be a year of recovery for business and the economy, and people’s health and welfare,

The benefits of the vaccines will hopefully lead to a massive return to work, but don’t hold your breath. The banking and finance sector companies said they were offering choice and flexibility to those who wanted to return. Facebook has said it does not plan a return of employees until July 2021.

Every “expert” is stating the blinking obvious in saying Covid has simply accelerated the inevitable with people working from home, either totally or 60 to 80% of the week; the death of the high street (it won’t die, but it will need to reinvent itself and evolve), and the speeding up of both Chinese and Indian economies overtaking the USA.

A survey of 8,000 adults from eight countries found that UK and US workers showed the highest level of apathy towards going back to the office. 

At ABC Computer Solutions, we are already offering clients support for staff working at home as well as in the office.

Many companies see this as a major restructuring opportunity to turn their backs on the huge costs associated with running an office in the financial centre of Europe, and are looking at turning around the ways their businesses operate.

There will always be organisations that need hundreds of thousands of square feet in London and in all major cities, but many more that can operate more profitably with a much smaller presence.


Today, more so than ever before, cyber security is every network administrator’s primary concern. Many believe only major institutions are targets, however professionals know the main targets are the easier least protected ones. We offer a solution for all SMBs with several protection packages from malware detection to enterprise level protection.


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