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Staff are on the frontline of network defence. They need to be aware of any suspicious emails and calls and report them. Very old methods of tricking staff into performing tasks that could be disasterous are still attempted today. We all believe we are too clever to fall for this, but we have just finished cleaning a cleaning a computer that became badly infected when a client’s wife got a call from BT to “fix” their Internet problem – unfortunately, they had an Internet problem at home at the time. If you get any suspicious calls from BT ask them if they can confirm the account holder’s name and when they can’t. hang up. If you get a call from your bank claiming a security breach and to ring a number, call that number from a mobile phone or make another call from the telephone  they rang you on, to make sure they have not locked the line. Don’t be tempted to click unexpected  email links which appear to come frpm friends, they could be embedded with malicious software which will allow them to take over your PC and contacts list.  There are so many tricks, but common sense is your main protection. For more click here.


When any member of staff leaves their account should immediately be locked down and password changed for security.


We can help in advising your staff on an informal basis to training them as part of a security upgrade.



New for 2018 our Five Point Protection Plan to protect your PCs and laptops – click for details






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