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Ten Point Plan

Our Ten Point Plan is aimed at protecting your Client/Server Windows 2012, 2016 or 2019 network and require something more thorough than our Five Point Protection.

It consists of the following:   

1.    Testing and cleaning of all endpoint devices from desktop PCs, laptops, IMacs, pads, iMacs to Smartphones. Anything that connects to your network.


2.    Fully test and update/upgrade all Antivirus and Anti-malware software running on all endpoint devices.


3.    Fully test and configure hardware and software firewalls on the network.


4.     Implement a VLAN through a smart/fully-managed network switch from Cisco, Netgear or TP-Link to isolate the internal local network.


5.    Ensure all management and staff are brought fully up to date in educating them about ongoing social engineering techniquces and attacks.


6.    Implement a Hardware Intrusion Prevention System to monitor suspicious behaviour on the network. This has to be configured very carefully to avoid false positives.


7.    Implement a File Security Checker to check for any changes to key system files taking fingerprints of the files on the server boing monitored and comparing values to the fingerprint of the file before the change.


8.    Introduce a professional level mail protection and antispam system such as GFI Mailessentials.


9.    Run key software in a Sandbox (virtual machine). This containerisation isolates it from the Host Server and several containers can be run on the network.


10. A Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) monitors network traffic and is very much a high end firewall which it will one day replace. It uses more advanced methods of checking network packets and examines them at several layers and identifies anomalies.Again this can take a good deal of fine tuning to avoid blocking good filles being reported as false positives.


As part of the Ten Point Plan the network security is monitored on a daily basis and the network will undergo an annual Security service.




ABC Computer Solutions  - April 2019