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Platinum Support

Platinum support adds two hour onsite response to telephone, online and email support and is open to any business from one to 200 computer users within the M25, so all of London, Surrey and Middlesex. The coverage is limited to these areas to maintain the fast onsite response time of this level of support.

It also adds our Premium Disaster Recovery package free of charge if you are taking out six or more months support. With Premium DR we maintain a clone server linked to your own so we can immediately install this should yours become unavailable. We can also immediately loan you Windows 10 PCs should any of yours require repair. This keeps your business downtime to a minimum.

Our support service is there to keep your business computer network running efficiently. It does not include the cost of replacing any equipment but we will help you in the installation of new PCs, laptops. Printers, multi-function printers, routers onto your networks.

All levels of support include help with software issues, driver issues, printer issues, installing email accounts on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and pads, general email, network and Internet issues. With each level of support we help you ensure your network is fully secure and protected against hackers and implement oir premium disaster recover plan.

Should a desktop or laptop be so badly infected or corruoted the only resolution is the total reinstallation of the operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10) we will reinstall this as part of your support, reinstalling drivers and software and reconnect it to your network. As this can take a couple of days we will collect and return you PC as quickly as possible. Again should a servicable desktop/tower PC develop a hardware fault we will repair it for you as part of your support, charging you for parts only.

Platinum support incidents should be opened by telephone, email to or by text to a reserved mobile hotline. If you contact us by telephone, we will attempt to resolve the issue immediately (subject to Technician availability). If we still cannot resolve the issue we will attempt to have a technician onsite within two hours.

Choose from MONTHLY support or get three months for the price of two and a half and go for QUARTERLY support. Get six months for the price of six, twelve months for the price of seven, twenty-four for the price of 12, and thirty-six for the price of 17.

      Monthly 3 mths 6 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths
One PC or laptop   £90.00 £225.00 £360.00 £630.00 £1,080.00 £1,530.00
Two PCs or laptops   £135.00 £337.50 £540.00 £945.00 £1,620.00 £2,295.00
Three PCS or laptops   £180.00 £450.00 £720.00 £1,260.00 £2.160.00 £3,060.00
Four PCs or laptops   £225.00 £562.50 £960.00 £1,575.00 £2,700.00 £3.825.00
Five PCs or laptops   £270.00 £675.00 £1,080.00 £1,890.00 £3,240.00 £4,590.00
Six PCs or laptops   £300.00 £750.00 £1,200.00 £2,100.00 £3,600.00 £5,100.00
Seven PCs or laptops   £330.00 £825.00 £1,320.00 £2.310.00 £3,960.00 £5,620.00
Eight PCs or laptops   £360.00 £900.00 £1,440.00 £2,520.00 £4,320.00 £6,120.00
Nine PCs or laptops   £390.00 £975.00 £1,560.00 £2,730.00 £4,680.00 £6.630.00
Ten PCs or laptops   £420.00 £1,050.00 £1,680.00 £2,940.00 £5,040.00 £7,140.00
Additions PCs or laptops   £30.00 £75.00 £120.00 £210.00 £360.00 £340.00
First Server -physical /virtual   £120.00 £300.00 £480.00 £840.00 £1,440.00 £2,040.00
Extra servers physical/virtual £90.00 £225.00 £360.00 £630.00 £1,080.00 £1,530.00
First printer/MFP   £22.50 £56.25 £90.00 £157.50 £270.00 £382.50
Additional printers/MFP   £15.00 £37.50 £60.00 £105.00 £180.00 £255.00
First Router   £30.00 £75.00 £120.00 £210.00 £360.00 £510.00
Additional routers   £22.50 £56.25 £90.00 £157.50 £270.00 £382.50
Remote Access - per pc   £22.50 £56.25 £90.00 £157.50 £270.00 £382.50
All prices exclude VAT

Standard Hours - All levels of support are available Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 9am to 5.30pm.

To upgrade to Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 7.30am to 7.30pm – add 20% to Standard Hours.

To upgrade to Monday to Saturdays (excluding Bank Holidays) from 9am to 530pm – add Standard Hours

To upgrade to Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 7.30am to 7.30pm – add 35% to Standard Hours.

To upgrade to daily (excluding Bank Holidays) from 7.30am to 7.30pm – add 45% to Standard Hours.

To upgrade to daily (including Bank Holidays) from 7.30am to 7.30pm – add 60% to Standard Hours.

For 24/7 Remote Access to your PCs or servers we charge a setup fee of £120 for the first device, then £50 for subsequent ones.


To place an order for support please click here. (you may need to enable editing in Word)


Platinum support is ONLY available within the M25, so all of London, plus all of Surrey and Middlesex to ensure we can be onsite within two hours when possible. With Gold support we will be onsite the next working day and adds Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire to the areas we cover. Clients in Central London (Zone 1) pay a 20% surcharge on Gold and Platinum support,

Making payments to us

Once you have completed an Order Form for Support, please save it and email it to us as an attachment. Once we have checked we can help you will receive an invoice by email.

If you paying by card or Paypal please enter your Invoice number and the Total Amount in the Buy Now section below, click the button and log in using your Paypal account or Guest Account.

If you are paying by bank transfer (BACS) please click here once payment has been made.

Bank transfers, card and Paypal payments are normally received immediately and as soon as they are you will receive an email to tell you your service has been activated.

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