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Desktop and laptop recovery and repair


If you suddenly find your desktop or laptop has died, smelling, making funny noises or bringing up strange graphics on the screen contact us as soon as you can.


First we need to establish whether it is a software or hardware issue, although a smelly or noisy computer is unlikely to be a software problem.


Whatever level of support you have you are covered for software problems even if we have to completely reinstall Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.


With hardware problems there is little we can do with laptops apart from replacing memory, hard drives and a few other components. With desktop PCs (whether tower, small form factor or desktop), they are nearly always repairable, however, all computers will eventually reach a point where they can no longer be repaired. We will continue to service them until they reach that point.


On the basis that you are likely to face this scenario eventually, consider how your backups are currently being done. Chances are while the server is backed up every day, there are files sitting on the PCs and laptops that arenít backed up. These files may not be important to the business, but they may be important to the user.


All files, including personal ones, should be stored on the server in Personal Folder inaccessible to anyone that doesnít have access to that userís password. This is why we recommend strong passwords Ė a combination of upper and lower case letters, at least one number and one symbol, giving a six digit password a one in nearly 300 trillion chance of getting right. This also makes hackers lives more difficult.


What we can do:


Bronze and Silver support

We will attempt to remotely repair any software issues. If it is going to require us to reinstall Windows, we will firstrecover whatever files we can. Then install the version of Windows the machine came to us with andinstall all the drivers we can and carry out a Windows update,All the labour costs are included in your support but if we need to update your antivirus and maware protection, we will advise you and this may be chargeable. You will be responsible for packaging and the courier fees to and from us. This is likely to be around £18 to £30 for the round trip.

When the computer is returned to you we will assist you in reconnecting it to your network and reinstalling any software.

Again, with a hardware fault we will only charge you for any parts that need replacing. We will diagnose this with you, so we advise you on the estimated cost of parts and whether these are available. Again, you are responsible for courier charges,


Gold and Platinum support

Gold and Platinum support clients benefit from having anything (hardware or software) that canít be fixed online, being fixed onsite.

If the computer requires hardware repair or the reinstallation of Windows, we will take it away and return it as quickly as possible reinstalling your software and reconnecting you back onto the network.








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