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Mobile Wifi


Mobile wifi, or Mifi, is a funny old issue. Despite what the television adverts claim it can be very erratic - faster than any wired connection one minute, “no Internet Connection” the next.

Of the ones we have tested we have found EE the best of a bad bunch. The general consensus is “don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed”…….and this comes from its fans.

At least when you do have a signal it has increased significantly between late 2015 and late 2016, and still the average UK connection is nearly twice as fast as the average in the USA.

There are plenty of improvement to be made and one would hope that when 5G launches, but that’s not until 2020, so what do we do for now?

We have tried a number of Mifi devices like Ospreys and Osprey Minis, we have even supplied clients with there and they have experienced fewer problems than us, where our experience has been “now you see it, now you don’t” even when we were static.


Static Mifi


There are a huge number of Fintechs and other startup businesses in London using serviced offices and being totally ripped off by their landlords by huge Internet charges. Fine if your Fintech has turned into a Unicorn, but prohibitively expensive for a new business trying to find its feet.

As Internet is normally charged on a “per desk” basis, some can get around this by introducing their own router, but most aren’t allowed to do this. Their most cost-effective solution is a static Mifi through someone like Relish.

We have not had the chance to try Relish, as we are just outside London, and it does get very mixed reviews, but it remains the only option with Unlimited 4G, so if you are one of their good areas, then great. Worth a trial.


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