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Hardware Firewalls

Your standard network router has a built in firewall to protect the server and internal network from the outside world. while being programmable to allow the connections you to come into the server and office PCs.

This is fine for smaller networks up to around 10 users. Larger than this we recommend you look at something higher end from Netgear, Cisco or similar. These firewalls can also fully provide Virtual Private Networking (VPN).


Host-based Firewalls

Properly configured Windows built-in firewall is a great means of defence. While most antivirus programs will want to disable the Windows Firewall in favour of their own, we find most are less effective than Microsoft’s offering.


Smart (fully managed) Network Switches

We offer smart switches from Cisco, Netgear and TP-Link. These allow the additional layer of security of being able to run VLANs to protect the Internal network.

Some switches are described as smart switches, but do not offer this security – all the ones we sell do.



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