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Exchange Server and Active Directory


We have been using Active Directory since it was introduced as part of Windows 2000 Server and workstation edition taking over from Windows NT 4.0.


To find the cause of an AD problem accurately, you need to understand its architecture and the relationship of Active Directory to other network services and protocols. Active Directory is a database that not only stores information and resources. Its features make it easier to navigate and manage large amounts of information, which can generate savings for both administrators and end users. However, these features also increase the depth and complexity of the underlying architecture.


We have been dealing with Microsoft Exchange Server since our first installation of Small Business Server 2000. For networking newcomers SBS was a budget server package Microsoft used to offer for up to 25 users which included Exchange and SQL which were all able to work on one domain controller. Microsoft deliberately attempted to push people towards the cloud and renting Office 365 when it took SBS 2011 off the market at the end of 2013.


Although Exchange Server is quite expensive and requires itís own server (we normally split a host server into two virtual servers) it can still be a great option and save money within a few years with ten or more users. Plus you have the security and speed of not using the cloud,


Exchange installation, particularly with the later versions, is not an option for the novice and we now have many, many installations under our belt including several very successful 2016 and 2019 installations since itís release.


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