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Cyber Security

Today, more so than ever before, cyber security is the primary concern for every IT Manager. Everyone and, especially every small to medium business is a target. Amateur hackers (script kiddies) believe security levels at a smaller company will be far easier than larger organisation with cyber security specialists on the payroll.

Anyone with an Internet connection is under threat so what can you do?

1.    The starting point is strong passwords. Your partner’s or children’s name and their birthdays are no good  Free hacking software will break it in 15 seconds. However, if we change the password katie to katiE$7£ it’s not tricky to memorise and couls take up to 20,000,000.000,000.000 attempts to get right. Just in case they make a lucky guess around the 1,000th attempt, we would suggest the system locks users out for 30 minues after 10 failed login attempts. We still come across computers with passwords like abc123 and password that have an internet connection and are left on 24 hours a day. However. just like vampires, the big no no with hackers is inviting them in and the best password in the world won’t help if you do.


2.       So how do you avoid this? We all believe we are too clever to fall for this, but we have just finished cleaning a cleaning a computer that became badly infected when a client’s wife got a call from BT to “fix” their Internet problem – unfortunately, they had an Internet problem at home at the time. If you get any suspicious calls from BT ask them if they can confirm the account holder’s name and when they can’t. hang up. If you get a call from your bank claiming a security breach and to ring a number, call that number from a mobile phone or make another call from the telephone  they rang you on, to make sure they have not locked the line. Don’t be tempted to click unexpected  email links which appear to come frpm friends, they could be embedded with malicious software which will allow them to take over your PC and contacts list.  There are so many tricks, but common sense is your main protection. For more click here.


3.    All Internet routers have a default username and password of either admin/password (Netgear), admin/1234 (DLink and TP-Link) or admin/admin  Nine out of ten clients we  take on are still using these password, even it they were using an “IT expert” before. We change this immediately. Why? Because this invites Pharming. Phishing tactics  attempts to trick the user to go to the wrong site. Pharming tricks the computer ro do the same. 


4.    Always make sure your antivirus software is up to date and add a malware detection program like Malwarebytes or Hitman Pro on all your PCs and ;laptops.


5.    Use our Clean and Clone service if you suspect any of ypur computers are infected, For details click hers,


6.    For networks of one or more servers and twelve plus connected users consider using our Ten Point Plan. (click here)






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